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Who We Are

Dhunseri Ventures Limited (DVL) {Formerly Dhunseri Petrochem Limited (DPL}) was incorporated with the name Dhunseri Tea Co. Ltd. The Company’s first business was cultivation and production of tea at its tea estates in the State of Assam.

Later, the Company acquired the Bottle Grade PET Resin business of South Asian Petrochem Limited at Haldia in the State of West Bengal in terms of a Scheme of Arrangement with effect from 1.4.2009 and the name of the Company was changed to Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited, the Company having two operating divisions i.e. Petrochem & Tea. Pursuant to a Scheme of Arrangement with effect from 1st April 2014, the Company’s Tea Division was demerged and the IT SEZ division of the Company was re-organised. The Company was carrying the Petrochem business with its Plants at Haldia and Egypt. Accordingly, the name of the Company was changed to Dhunseri Petrochem Limited.

Later, the Company entered into a Scheme of Arrangement with Dhunseri Petglobal Limited (“DPGL”) (now known as IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Pvt. Ltd.) and their respective shareholders which has been sanctioned by the Hon’ble High Court of Calcutta vide its order dated July 27, 2016. Pursuant to the Scheme with effect from 1.4.2016, the PET Resin business of the Company in India has been transferred to DPGL.

Further, the Company has changed its name from Dhunseri Petrochem Limited to Dhunseri Ventures Limited w.e.f. December 11, 2018.

The Company is carrying on the business of treasury operations in shares and securities of other bodies corporate and Trading business in Pet resins, and the business of developing and providing infrastructure facilities in Special Economic Zone for information technology and information technology enabled services (“IT/ITES”) Bantala in the State of West Bengal through another subsidiary, namely Dhunseri Infrastructure Limited. Further, the Company also had two foreign subsidiaries in Singapore, in the name of Global Foods Pte. Ltd. and Twelve Cupcakes Pte Ltd. Global Foods Pte. Ltd. is amalgamated with its wholly owned subsidiary, Twelve Cupcakes Pte. Ltd. with effect from 30th December, 2019 since no specific project was carried on by Global Foods Pte. Ltd. The amalgamated Company is Twelve Cupcakes Pte. Ltd. which is in the business of manufacture and retail of confectionery.

IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Private Limited (IDPIL) (formerly Dhunseri Petglobal Limited) is an Indian Joint Venture Company of DVL. DVL and Indorama Ventures Global Services Limited (IVGS) of Thailand hold equal stake in IDPIL. IDPIL manufactures the finest bottle grade PET resin, for packaging of drinking water, carbonated soft drinks, edible oil, pharmaceuticals and many more. IDPIL has two PET resin plants in Haldia (port town in West Bengal) with an effective capacity of 480,000 TPA and one plant in Panipat (Haryana) with an effective capacity of 216,000 TPA.

Further, the Company has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Choicest Enterprises Ltd, a company under Ambuja Neotia Group and Tastetaria Foods Private Limited (TFPL) (Formerly Tastetaria Private Limited) to carry on the business of setting up and operating restaurants for making and selling the well – known “UNO” brand of Chicago deep – dish pizzas under the exclusive Master Franchisee Agreement with Pizzeria Uno Corporation. Pursuant to the said agreement DVL is holding 25% equity stake in TFPL.
Further, the Company has entered into a 50:50 Joint Venture with Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd. (“IVL”), a global chemical producer to restart its IVL Dhunseri Polyester Company S.A.E. (Formerly Egyptian Indian Polyester Company S.A.E.) PET facility located in Ain Sokhna free trade zone, North West of the Gulf of Suez in Egypt with a manufacturing capacity of 540,000 TPA.