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IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Limited (IDPL)

IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Limited (formerly Dhunseri Petglobal Limited) was incorporated on 29.9.2015 having its registered office at ‘Dhunseri House’, 4A, Woodburn Park, Kolkata 700020 in the State of West Bengal. The Company had entered into a Scheme of Arrangement with Dhunseri Petglobal Limited (DPGL) and their respective Shareholders which was approved by the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta. Pursuant to the said Scheme, the PET Resin business of the Company in India has been transferred to DPGL w.e.f the appointed date i.e., 1.4.2016 and operative from 11.8.2016, being the effective date.

The Company and Indorama Ventures Global Services Limited “IVGS” of Thailand hold equal stake in IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Limited.

IVGS is a subsidiary of Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited “IVL” of Thailand, which is one of the world’s leading petrochemicals producers having a global manufacturing footprint 65 sites in 21 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Limited manufactures the finest bottle grade PET resin, for packaging of drinking water, carbonated soft drinks, edible oil, pharmaceuticals and many more. The Company has two PET resin plants in Haldia (port town in West Bengal) with an effective capacity of 4,80,000 TPA.

The product of IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Limited are being marketed and sold with trademarks owned by IVL (‘RAMAPET’) and by the Company (‘ASPET’) in around 55 countries across the Indian sub continents, North America, South America, the European Union, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

For further details, please visit www.ivldhunseri.com